Update #2: Extended Levels! Ball Vehicle!​ Boundry Breaking!

Update #2: Extended Levels! Ball Vehicle! Boundry Breaking!

Welcome to Castle on the Coast’s 2nd major update! This time we got longer levels, more voice acting, and a brand new vehicle: the ball! As well as a setting nobody asked for, but EVERYONE wants...


A few parts of the game were shorter than we liked. We thought the tower segment was anticlimactic, and the stained glass dimensions were too short to be satisfying.

In response, a hefty amount of work was put into extending the length of each of these areas. Every dimension is now a longer, more interesting journey. The wizard tower itself has been expanded beyond being a simple arena for the final boss.

Personally, I considered the crystal dimension to be the low-point of the game, so instead of lengthening it, it got a complete overhaul utilizing a new feature, as seen in the next pic...


Meet the ball! A magic, interdimensional orb capable of great feats. George can roll it around by running on top. Included is a one of a kind Burst Propulsion System that allows the ball to jump, even in midair!

Don’t feel like being a baller? Give the cube a shot.


Every line in the game is now voice acted! WHOOOOOOO! The biggest difference veteran players will notice is that the cutscenes are complete as a result.

Thanks to Brett lending us his awesome voice for Vendrick, the last character to be recorded. https://www.fiverr.com/brettwhet

Thanks again to Alec for his work helping out with audio. Check out his cool work here! https://www.alecvalitutti.com/


Explore the vast, desolate land surrounding the playable levels by turning off invisible walls in the settings! In Castle on the Coast, you don't have to hack to boundry break! We don’t recommend this for your first playthrough since it's easy to skip parts of the game.

Go where no giraffe has gone before…


  • Added an option in settings to turn off HUD
  • Wizard tower and final dimension have been separated into two streamed levels
  • Swapped out one of Aleandra’s lines
  • When hanging from ledge, pressing spin or dive will release George
  • Effect added to squirrel wand tip while casting
  • Replaced janky/confusing breakdance move with a cheerful wave
  • Swirlz the Squirrel can now run farther from player if within camera frame
  • VO has been balanced between all characters
  • Reworked shader on area sign tiles so that they no longer look like a portal you jump in anymore
  • Sound now plays for George getting burned by fire ring
  • Fixed smoothing issue on tower distance view
  • Arranged some flowers to point down towards bottom of ocean / ocean dimension entrance
  • Stunt park hub dimension entrance reworked as a cave. Also no longer appears as an empty hole in the cliff from a distance
  • Added rain to ocean dimension
  • Added animation for squirrel throwing acorns
  • Vendrick and Aleandra no longer make swirly noises nonstop
  • Added gate to library side room that leads to hub dimension.
  • rebalanced costume prices since more flowers were added (now they are more expensive)
  • Added fall death collision below final boss fight (only turns on while fighting)
  • Added some SECRETS UWU


  • Sammy now plays all of her lines in tower unlocked cutscene
  • Captions setting actually turns off any captions on screen now.
  • Gravity applied to George while swimming is no longer reliant on computer frame rate
  • Added checks and adjustments to prop releasing logic so that you can’t drop boxes through ground while sitting.
  • Keystone symbols no longer cover captions
  • Falling into water while dying no longer makes George survive with zero hearts
  • Attempted fix of Aleandra’s ability to keep fighting after taking out George
  • Game now properly loads around starting checkpoint when entering game. This was only an issue with the ocean and library
  • Driving through a portal while in the car no longer causes weirdness
  • glass blocks sounds will no longer be heard globally
  • Glass blocks now remove themselves when their home area is unloaded
  • Cars now take damage from dimensional damage walls
  • Attempted fix at cutscenes glitching camera upon skipping at very specific times
  • Reworked logic so that continue button no longer shows up at end of cutscene randomly
  • Dimensional damage walls now send player hurling away consistently
  • Corrected costume count in file select
  • George's normal appearance no longer counts as an unlocked costume
  • Barriers in library are now removed when playing in “arcade mode”
  • Bounce pads now ignore other trigger volumes


  • Add sounds to some cutscenes, more work to be done there
  • Invisible Wall Bounce
  • Player Double Jump
  • Player Rolling
  • Player Swim StrokeSurface
  • Player Swim Stroke Underwater
  • George Nod
  • George Nod Intense
  • Squirrel Skitter
  • Squirrel Land On Player
  • Squirrel Jump Squeak
  • Squirrel Parachute Start
  • Squirrel Parachute End
  • Squirrel Casting Spell
  • Squirrel Shoot Spell
  • Acorn Throw
  • Acorn Hit Ground
  • Submarine Enter Strafe Mode
  • Submarine Enter
  • Submarine Exit Strafe Mode
  • Submarine Drive Loop
  • Submarine Exit
  • Underwater Explosion
  • Birds Fly Away
  • Water Current
  • Vendrick Ice Bouncer Shatter
  • Aleandra Fire Spinner Ambience
  • Aleandra Preparing Spell
  • Aleandra Fire Roller Ambient
  • Aleandra Fire Roller Launch
  • Fireball Launch
  • Enchanted Armor Vertical Attack Hit Ground
  • Enchanted Armor Hammer Slide
  • Enchanted Armor Hammer Whoosh
  • Enchanted Armor Land Attack
  • Squirrel Parachute Fly Loop
  • Door Unlock And Open
  • Lofi Dimension Ambience
  • Crystal Dimension Ambience
  • Final Dimension Ambience


Update is available for PC and Mac. Due to level changes, players with save files inside a dimension from previous builds may get spawned back at the start of the castle.


Probably nothing this dramatic. We have some boring business stuff to work on such as getting the game on Steam, pitching to publishers, and more bug fixing. 

Have fun UwU. More polish to come OwO.


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