Official Directory of Voice Actors

We had a lot of amazing voice actors on Castle on the Coast!  To ensure they get the attention they deserved, I thought an official directory should be made.


Prologue - Aaron Golematis

Aleandra - Leigha Vashaw (

Vendrick - Brett White (

Sammy - Lindsey McCallum

Axel - Tyler Mauer

Myles the Grumpy Boy - Alec Valitutti (

Emma the Grumpy Girl - Emily Grush

Ryder the Swim Instructor - Jon Harja

Female Librarian - Kelly Salmon (

Male Librarian - Peter Lantz (

Zahra the Arteest - Laurel Powers

Laura the Diver - Laurel Powers

Debra the Explorer - Maddie Court

Marita the Librarian - Laurel Powers

Ozzy the Costume Guy - Simon Hurst

Skaterkid - Simon Hurst

Tyler - Tyler Czarnecki

Brutus the Manly Kid - Mike Dollar

Fergus the Aristocrat - Ian Middleton

Adele the Enthusiastic Girl - Maddie Court

Meir the Climbing Guy - Jon Harju

Raziel the Rain Kid - Enzo Stoehr

Melvin the Mellow Kid - Dylan Kelly

Lisa the Key Girl - Maddie Court

Lost kid - Peter Lantz (

Elle the Potion Girl - Kelly Salmon

Goblin the Goblin - John Lewis

Phoebe the Art Critic - Nicole Porter

Enchanted Armor - Simon Hurst

Gurl - Danny Vanderploeg


If you want your name removed, edited, or have a link to your site/social  made, please get in touch either via comments or


All VO was processed by Alec Valitutti. Check out his folio! He does some awesome sound work and is looking for that dream gig.

(except for Gurl, that horribleness is my work UwU)


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