Update #4: Hotfix #1

Due to some nasty bugs a hotfix was necessary, sorry about that! I try to catch these things before each update. The specific bugs were

  • A game freeze around Elle the Potion Girl NPC.
  • Duplicate cursors.
  • Steam beta test possibly not having a Mac version uploaded?

Special thanks to PanZima  for some important bug reports. Special thanks to Meowskivitch for reports and speedrun mode suggestions. You guys are the best!


  • Speedrunning button now found in file select (next to play button in each file).
  • Speedrunning best time is now local to each file and displayed in the stats.
  • While doing a run, you can now wear any previously unlocked costumes (The run’s costume counter does not reflect this, so you can still keep track of how many costumes have yet to be found for a 100% run).
  • Collectible totals can be viewed from pause menu.


  • Organized the entire Unreal project a bunch to be easier to port and mod the game.
  • Torpedoes exiting the water fall back into water now.
  • Changed triangular stars to orbular stars for easier distinction from library stars. All steam achievements have been updated to reflect this. A new game will (in some cases) need to be started to collect all the star-related achievements.
  • Added another mysterious button to settings.
  • Added some nice gradients to the gates OwO.
  • Added colorful rainbow sparkles to cursor UwU.


  • Fixed game freeze around Elle the potion girl if you get her to play her proximity lines in a certain sequence.
  • Game is now set to a normal mode when entering the main menu to prevent starting a speedrun game in a normal file (which CAN happen if your force quit a game in the middle of a run).
  • Deleted some duplicate torches in the Forest.
  • Removed some clipping grass geometry in the Rainy Castle.
  • Star Barriers now check to grab stars from player every time a new star is collected.
  • Vendrick line “Definitly” changed to “Definitely”.
  • car and submarine how use ray traces to place players outside upon exiting. This prevents players from shoving nose of submarine into a wall then exiting INTO the wall.
  • Redid large tree collisions. You can no longer get stuck in large tree collisions by pressing against middle of trunk.
  • Enchanted armor now ray traces for player before activation (aka they won't activate behind walls or while your on a roof above them).
  • Vendrick clone spawners now turn off when Vendrick is defeated, preventing clones from being spawned post-fight.
  • Star aura’s mesh boundaries modified so that aura doesn’t flicker when partially concealed.
  • Changed method of displaying cursor so that a duplicate doesn’t show up on top left of screen.


Update is live right now on Steam and Ithc.io. All the demos have been updated as well.

Enjoy the game! More polish to come UwU ♥. 🎃ALSO HAVE A SPOOPY HALLOWEEN!🎃


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